Sun caressed dawn, post lunch
Pre brunch
There are times where
Should you softly tug
With your baby silk calloused digits
The soft steel wire
Caging my heart my veins my arteries
Those vessels would not choke
Nor paint you with blood kissed messes
But instead you will have unenslaved it
And extirpated would you be
By its rasping thoughts of only you
Cementing their deeply dug talons in your every orfice
Dragging you in
mine mine mine
It hisses
Your beast of mine.

Fraying patchwork fix
Once you’ve opened me
Like glass will I shatter
So I would appreciate a hand
A fix me; if I matter.

And whilst you sew and glue
Me almost whole again
My ghoulish hand will be sewing and gluing
You the same, my friend.

When you’re close to done
Do not look for my missing me
For you see my lovely one
With it I fixed you for all to see!

That leak
The one that bleeds you thirsty
The trench
Brimmed with the dead and dirty.

So once you’re done
Please drop me back into my box
Remember; seal it thrice
Promising there won’t be a twice.

Finally! Ship me to the next Lost-Boy
He’s unaware his seams are fraying too
I’ll pray he opens our box
Then I’ll fix him with pieces of you.

"I wonder if our fingerprints fill each other’s empty spaces
when we put our hands together.
I want our bodies to move like flowers opening.
Are you afraid of the vastness of the universe
or the humble ones inside of your blood stream?
When you walk outside in the middle of the night
and it’s snowing and it’s fifteen degrees,
do you run to your car
or do you stop for a moment to smile at the sky?
Have you reached the peak of the mountain?
Is it everything you’d hoped it would be?
I think if we were trees we’d be willows
and we’d let children swing on our branches.
I’m whispering into the air hoping you will hear me:
Your soul is my soul’s home."

@blacksheeplemming 616 days later I log into tumblr and read your reply to my ‘I’m back on tumblr!’ post haha.

p.s. I like your tattoo


Its never over
My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
Its never over
She’s the tear that hangs inside my soul forever

It’s not too late


Lover You Should’ve Come Over - Jeff Buckley